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What is Company Law? And its significance

Company Law, also known as Corporate Law, is a legal study on the operations and formation of firms and their continuing rules and regulations during the processes to deal with their assets after their termination in liquidation. Company Law is very closely associated with Contract Law and Commercial Law. Company Law is one of the significant segments of law, which is mainly associated with the proper functioning of all business firms. Company Law is categorized into two sections. They are: Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance. Corporate Governance is mainly associated with the study of power relation that exists between the senior executives of an organization. On the other hand, Corporate Finance is the study of finance area associated with the capital structure and funding sources of corporations. Understanding all the terms, terminologies, process and procedures under the Company Law is very difficult for students in a short span and thus require help from professional experts to complete their assignments. We provide full-time Company Law Assignment Help to all grade level. Our online company law assignment help services cover all the major topics under Company Law including principles of company law, basic concepts of incorporation, shareholder protection, business related contracts and company liability.

Types of Companies

One of the important concepts in Company Law Assignment Help is to understand the types of Companies.

  • Corporation: The type of Company in which a group of people acquires legal authorization to work as a single entity is known as Corporation. In general, corporation possess limited number of shares where the liability is limited to the stakeholders.
  • Limited Partnership: Tt is the most common type of partnership consisting of more than two partners in the business. Just like a corporation, there is a limited liability in a limited partnership. Based on consensus and shares, partners have the authority of management and profits as well.
  • Sole Proprietorship: This is another type of business that is carried out and managed by a single person or an identity. The owner has all the responsibilities of debts, profits, financial decisions and liabilities, etc.
  • Non – profit Organizations: These are the entities which make use of huge revenue to reach new targets or use the revenue as capital for next year.

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