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Criminal Law Assignment Help

Criminal Law Assignment Help

Why studying Criminal Law is important?

Criminal law is a study consisting of a set of rules and regulations that are framed to keep public safe and reduce crimes in our community. The system of criminal law is developed in a way to effectively regulate the social conduct and list a range of activities that are criminal and threatening to the health, safety, and welfare of people in a society. Violation of every single law under this section is a punishable offense. Rules and regulations under criminal law are different in different countries. Studying Criminal law is very important as it is essential for proper functioning of the society and ensures the safety of citizens. The severity of punishment under criminal law is dependent on the offense and can even lead to a death sentence or life imprisonment. Criminal Law study offers a great career opportunity for lawyers. We provide full-time assistance on Criminal Law assignment help to students from various universities. Our services cover all the important topics under the criminal law such as fraud and theft crime, crimes related to drugs, felony crimes, crimes against public orders, person and property etc. We also provide detailed academic assistance on Criminal law and procedures as applicable to your country.

Components of Criminal Justice Framework

In almost all the countries, the criminal justice framework is similar consisting of five components and these are considered to be the basic foundation of any judiciary system. Understanding the components of the framework is very important to analyze the proper functioning of the system.

  • Courts: The court system is mainly controlled by the judges of state and they are responsible for making sure that laws are followed properly and also keep a track of all the activities carried out in court
  • Defence attorney: They are appointed either by the court or the defendants and their major role is to clear the accusations put on the accused person against the government’s case.
  • Corrections: The role of a correction officer is to keep the convicted offenders under observation during their punishment period in jail or prison.
  • Law enforcement: The role of law enforcement officers is to develop crime based reports that take place in their respective areas
  • Prosecution: They are also called as lawyers who represent the federal or state government. Lawyers have to attend the entire court process starting from first hearing of the accused in court till the case is closed.

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