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Employment Law Assignment Help

Employment Law and its significance:

Employment Law focuses on the several phases of a relationship that exists between the employers, employee and the trade union. In other words, Employment Law deals with the legal rights applicable to an organization and its working people. Industrial Law and Employment Law are included under the Labor law. Employment Laws are formed by the federal and state governments of a country to safeguard the employees from unfair, discriminative and unjustified treatment, sexual harassment at workplace, health and safety concerns at a workplace etc. Students studying employment law find it difficult to understand the entire subject within a short period and thus, require help from the professional experts to complete their assignments. Studying Employment Law is very important as it provides the detailed information about all the working procedures and phases in employment, starting from the process of interview to the promotions and retirement benefits. Apart from these, employees will also get knowledge about the workplace premises, hours of work and wages law, etc. We provide full-time online assignment help on employment law on all the course work and also cover Legal Practice & Professional Conduct, Company Law and Legal Placement etc.

Fair Dismissal and Redundancy in Employment Law:

Dismissal means that the contract is terminated by the employer and can be categorized as fair or unfair. A dismissal can be fair for the following reasons:

  • Employee’s poor performance or misconduct
  • Employee does not hold the required skills and qualifications for the specific job profile
  • Redundancy
  • Employee has reached the retirement age
  • Employee performs an act that is strictly against the terms and conditions imposed on him/her.

Redundancy is another type of dismissal, which is carried out by the employer to reduce the workforce in an organization. There are various reasons to carry out redundancy, among which the significant ones are – the evolution of new technology, lack of job role for which employee was hired, reduced costs, fewer people required to do work, loss in business etc. In order to make redundancy as an unfair dismissal, the employer must ensure the following points:

  • Receive proper consultation
  • Use justified and fairly applied selection criteria
  • Analyze and find alternative job role for employees

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