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By definition, art is derived directly from the Latin dictionary, meaning ‘skill’ or ‘craft’. An artist has the ability to produce, interpret, criticise, study and aesthetically disseminate the imaginative and technical elements. Based on the applications, art is divided into 2 categories. Firstly, applied art, in which the design of creative elements is involved. This field involves decorative arts such as industrial design, graphic design, interior design and fashion design. I an abstract context, photography, and architecture can be considered as applied arts.

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On the other hand, the career perspectives of fine arts include specialisation in a specific area such as literature, history, psychology, economics, politics, anthropology and other cultural and communication skills. One may opt for the flexible and inspiring career option by pursuing diploma, graduation or even post-graduation in the art subjects. With its help, the students can access diverse and transferable professional as well as industrial opportunities.

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Moreover, the joint degrees such as arts/law, arts/business or arts/science, add to the diversity of opportunities. An arts degree helps students broaden their career options, by teaching them to be analytical and open-minded, as one can always learn a specific skill set for a job.

The historic battle of arts

With regards to the literary and musical art, Aristotle considered the poetry, comedy, tragedy as just an imitation by altering medium, object and manner. For instance, music varies the media of harmony and rhythm. In case of Comedy, it is a dramatic imitation of men worse than average, whereas tragedy is when the average mark is crossed. However, Aristotle believed that broader form of imitation is what actually makes mankind stand apart from the animal kingdom.

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Although, Plato opposed the relative importance of arts, as he considered it as an irrational entity that can provide moral guidance, only when properly interpreted. Philosopher Richard Wolheim stated art as one of the most elusive traditional problems of human culture.

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Academicians studying arts have been more divided about the significance of art. It is true that art has been used to appreciate formal elements for one’s own sake. However, with the increasing number of arts-aspirants across the globe, the importance of knowledge cannot be put under question.

Evolution of Arts Assignments

With the emergence of the study of art by the populous, arts has significantly established its status as a cornerstone for the mankind. The various branches of arts can be categorised as per the independence of inquiry fields. Apparently, apart from studying the subject, arts students are also required to present their skills, and this is made possible through assignments.

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During the course, students are required to submit essays, case-studies and other academic articles, however, a thesis or dissertation about a specific subject needs to be submitted so as to support the academic degree and professional qualification. Students often struggle with the process of writing a thesis, and the topic to be chosen for writing it. TutorVersal’s Arts assignment writing experts have listed 10 thesis topics for arts students to choose from.

10 Arts Thesis Topics

  • Why Art is essential to the success of differently abled students?
  • How does creativity affect the study of arts?
  • Effects of art education?
  • How should the study of art be optimised?
  • Effect of art on cognitive learning?
  • How can young children be engaged in arts?
  • Development of social skills through art.
  • Best strategies to teach arts?
  • Future of art education.
  • Which subjects need to be incorporated in arts?

All the aforementioned topics can be considered as specific questions for thesis, although one can narrow them down as per their requirements and resources. For any assistance regarding choosing a topic for your thesis, you can reach out to the TutorVersal’s assignment writing experts through call or mail who can address all your requirements.







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