• Jeffrey Rogers
  • 20 July 2016
20 Information Technology Thesis Topics

Technology is evolving each day and its devices are becoming smaller, smarter and faster. Information Technology has become a vast topic where research can be carried out and findings derived.

  1. These are the following thesis topics of Information Technology
  2. Maintaining confidentiality and privacy in Electronic-Health Records
  3. Personal Cross Media Information Management
  4. Online Enterprise Resource Planning
  5. Online Air Ticket Reservation System
  6. Profile Management System of Employees
  7. Using mobile technologies for Personal Health and Fitness Monitoring
  8. Intelligent power management and monitoring for enterprises and homes
  9. Sustainable and Innovative web services
  10. Machine learning and Image processing for assistive visual interaction
  11. Image Sequences- Human Detection and Recognition
  12. Performance safety and security in Database, Information & Networking Systems
  13. Supply Chain Management and Business Process Workflow
  14. Traffic Parking Management and Parking Lot System
  15. SMS Marketing Software
  16. What are the implications of globalization through technology to the global economy
  17. Technology is continuously changing and computers, software programs and other technologies are being used frequently that have frustrating problems and glitches. Is there any solution?
  18. How does the social media, cell phones, internet and texting make the world smaller or bigger?
  19. Which is the most important and new technology for solving problems of the world?
  20. What are the long term effects of living in a technological world? Are there any negative impacts of developing new technologies?

Students can chose from any of the above mentioned topics and should make an approval from their professors before making the final decision. All these topics are very good for carrying out research and vast content is available on internet sources for the same. Students need to have a technical background and critical analysis ability for completing their thesis.