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Study groups, Homework, Classes, labs, friends, Jobs, family: people wonder how university and college students manage to balance all of these and get enough time to relax and have a break from school work. On the other hand, all students struggle to succeed in their studies, to be productive and time managers. But unfortunately, not all students are able to attain all these. Therefore, there are certain applications and websites that at are geared towards improving their productivity to attain success. The apps include:

1. Desmos

Desmos is a free online graphing calculator, which is perfectly suitable especially for students taking Liberal Arts in their math classes.

2. Any. Do

This app not only allows the users to create their daily work-to-do in a checklist form, but also reminds an individual as tasks are coming due.

3. Exam countdown

Exam countdown enables a studentto create both upcoming exam dates and countdown calendar. It also associates task lists with every exam date.

4. Google scholar

This serves as a great resource for research students and any other student with research homework. It is advisable for students to use google scholar whenever they begin to do research on a topic.

5. Rescue Time

Rescue Time is suitable for students who worry about spending too much time on the internet. This software is designed to track the period in which one spends in social networks such as Facebook, emails and the overall surfing on the internet.

6. Dragon Dictation

It is an interesting free download app that saves students from writing backlog of work or taking notes as they can use their voices instead. This serves as a life saver for the peck and hunt typists.

7. Moon + Reader

This app allows students to read various online books as the user is also able to track his progress on the chapter level of the book.

8. Studious

It acts as a modifier whenever a cell phone goes off within the lecturer. Often, students receive a lot of call rings while in the classroom between the lecturers. It is essential for a friend to download this app to stop call interruptions within the lectures.

9. Blog

Inability to finish assignments on time by a student can sometimes be nerve racking. The TutorVersal together will their team of experts will write, prepare and revise academic papers for submissions.

10. Banjo

At times, students need lone times in order to study. This becomes a rock, especially when friends are around. Therefore, Banjo alerts a student whenever a friend is around or is coming, to enable you take an evasive action.

11. Ginger Software

Grammar checkers and spelling is essential for student wellbeing. Ginger Software is one of most convenient choice to rephrase your awkward sentences.

12. Ever note

This premium app takes and organizes study and class notes from either a smartphone or tablet. This is therefore a great tool for students who taking notes are not their cup of tea.

13. Droid Scan

Once you download this app to your cell phone or mobile device, you are able to use it as a scanner as you are able to take notes anywhere.

14. Share your Board

Every university student has tried to snap pictures on the white board instead of taking notes. What about when your phone has a blurry camera? This app therefore allows you to take pictures without losing vital resolution and clarity.

15. Open Study

One of the best ways to master difficult subjects is by study groups. Open study, therefore allows students to create online study groups and participate together to achieve a common goal which is the academic success.

16. Mint

Most college students experience money problems due to poor budgeting. Mint is a free download software to keep your budget in check by track of your expenses. Hence this avoids fees overdrafts and crushing debit and credit.

17. Koofers

This website has various functions. But the most important of all the ‘flash cards’ and ‘practice exam module. This is where users can study flash cards as well as taking study tests based on the textbooks they are using. This is usually significant in cases where exams contain back of the chapter exams.

18. InstaGrok

Are you interested in learning everything about a subject? Look for InstaGrok to enable you learn all the ins and outs of every subject at hand. This is an exceptional tool for visual learners.

19. Life Hack

This is a free app that many students find interesting as itis full of useful life hacks.

Go financial Aid

It is the best online app for complicated FAFSA applications. This is a must app for students who need financial aid management.

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