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On the occasion of crossing 140,000 mark of successful assignments delivered within the last decade, we got a chance to ask the mind behind the business, one of the two who came up with the idea of a universal platform for academic as well as creative writing experts from all over the world to assist the ones in need, the director of TutorVersal – Mr. Stuart Wayne. In first part of the interview, we asked him about the requirement of assignment help, TutorVersal’s role in it, and how students benefit from it.

Why do students require assignment help?

Due to the educational price hike in the recent years, domestic and majorly, international students have been struggling to deposit their tuition fee. Apart from that, they also need to pay their day-to-day bills. If that wasn’t enough, international students have to spend even more to pay a hefty amount for the accommodations. Plus, assignments, projects, homework and extra workload is a constant variable in their lives. Furthermore, the college or university curriculum consists of regular lectures that one HAS to attend. I just hope that they do!


I respect all those students who are able to manage all their problems, but, what about those who are not able to do the same? Every year, hundreds of students drop out of their universities, not just because they were unable to cope up with their academics, but due to multiple factors which contribute to impede their performance. Bad grades in assignments reflect on the academic result, and when supply is far more than demand, an average result can’t hold up in the competitive world.



We decided not to just sympathise with this concerning situation, and therefore, we have taken a much-needed step to help students overcome their problems.

How has TutorVersal’s assignment services helped their clients?

Established in 2008, TutorVersal started with 10 members with unique sets of abilities. After a decade of rigorous research, in-depth analysis, thousands of client feedback, and countless updates in our services, today, TutorVersal is proud to have an overall team of over 2000 individuals in different domains, with over 400+ topics covered from 150+ universities, and more than 100,000 projects and assignments delivered till date.

WE GROW, WE LEARN, and we help you do the same to achieve success.


experts of tutorversal

We always thank our clients for being so supportive, as their testimonials and reviews have helped us to grow. Presently, we have a streamlined process because of the understanding between us and the clients. Our motivated teams work round the clock, to sort every problem one-by-one, and I’m more than proud to have such a dedicated team, or should I say, a huge family!

How can students learn from TutorVersal’s assignment help services?

We are well aware that the main motive of an assignment is to hone the analytical and problem-solving skills of an individual while improving his or her subject-matter knowledge. We help those who need our services. If you just want to get an assignment and be done with it, we can do that for you.

However, our main motive is to help you learn from the right people using the right source within the right time. If a student has any concerns regarding subject-matter or any personal query, our customer care can schedule an appointment for a one-on-one tutorial session with the most relevant expert(s).


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Needless to say, hard work has to be done by the student to learn, but at TutorVersal, we redirect that much-needed hard work on a smarter alternative. We can only assist you, and provide the best from our side so that you can put your efforts where they matter the most.

For the students who need to give oral presentations during their assignment submission, our experts can also guide them for the same, and help them understand the assignment’s content in detail, if the students want. All one needs to do is – ask! Just know that if you need assignment help, 2000+ dedicated individuals are at your disposal.



About the Director

Mr. Stuart Wayne received his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Melbourne University, Australia in 1996. He met with another inquisitive mind, Mark Banner. Both of them started what we know of today as TutorVersal. With the addition of other similar souls, Charlotte Brown, Udele Smith and 6 others, the company was established at 11/58 Station St, Burwood, Melbourne, which later on was converted to the operational headquarter of TutorVersal. Just after 5 years down the line, the company established its roots in other countries such as US, Singapore, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, UK, UAE, Canada, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Mr. Wayne responded to every question with finesse, however, in the other interview with Mr. Mark Banner, the replying techniques were drastically different. We would discuss them in the next blog –

A Word from TutorVersal’s Directors (PART 2/2)


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