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In continuation with the previous blog – A Word from TutorVersal’s DIRECTOR (PART 1/2), this part of the interview was with the markedly inquisitive director of the leading assignment help company, TutorVersal, Mr. Mark Banner who described the entire assignment writing operation, and how the employees are hired at TutorVersal. The director responded to every question with a tincture of humor, but without compromising the authoritative gravity of his answers.

What are the quality parameters followed by TutorVersal?

At TutorVersal, we have a no-quality compromise policy.

From the first point of contact, which is our website, or social media handle, direct or even organic search, we start building up the professional relationship with our client; but this doesn’t stop just there


Basically, as soon as the client decides to avail our service, he gets in touch with our friendly customer care executives, if need be, the experts can personally address all his or her queries. The entire process starts with a quote.

On what basis is a quoted price decided?

Primarily, in our industry, we provide the best offer – “An offer that he can’t refuse.” On a serious note, we always try to cut the best deal. We understand that particularly, students come from different backgrounds and all of them don’t have the luxury of spending a big chunk of money. Considering the word-count and amount of research required, deadline, and complexity of the content, we decide the price. This price also includes different discount offers and referral rewards.


Price decided

Students can also use the price calculator after filling up the order now form if they wish to skip the negotiation.

Needless to say, when the client completes the payment, our team starts the work. The student can also track the progress of their assignments by contacting our customer care executives.

Can the client see their work in real time?

We have had hundreds of students asking for live tracking while the experts are working, but frankly, our writers are human as well. No one likes to be poked while concentrating on something, and we care for our employees just like our customers.


Real time Work

Although, as I said, whenever the clients want to learn about the present status of their work, they can always contact our customer care executives, and all of their concerns will be addressed.

How can the clients get quality assurance?

When the write-up is halfway completed, we send the first draft to the client for a quick review. If satisfied, we continue their work. This also helps us to understand the customer’s need. If changes are required, it is always better to incorporate them when the work is in progress, rather than after completion.

Also, at TutorVersal, we guarantee high grades. The students who are not satisfied with the work can be assured as their money has got 100% insurance with our money-back policy.


Money back

The dedicated quality assurance (QA) team at TutorVersal has the sole purpose of thoroughly checking the quality of the assignment. They make sure that the write-up is flawless and 100% plagiarism-free. While delivering the assignment to the client, the QA team attaches a complimentary Turnitin plagiarism-report with the assignment. This ensures that the content is freshly written, and has been rid of any probable error(s).



On what basis does TutorVersal hire the members?

When it comes to TutorVersal, unlike any other assignment help service, we have dedicated in-house employees in our Melbourne HQ, as well as international professionals who have both, intensive as well as extensive knowledge of their respective domains.

While choosing experts for the company, we strictly refer to our evaluation matrix.

There are set qualification requirements for different posts like academic experts, academic writers, creative writers, research analysts, QA team, as well as other important domains like operations, marketing, sales and customer care.

We know that our clientele consists of highly-educated and smart intellectuals. So, it becomes our sole responsibility to satisfy their needs and get them exactly what is expected of us – sheer perfection.



To ensure the quality of TutorVersal, our selection procedure includes the thorough analysis of all the applicants. Along with the subject matter expertise, our academicians are also expected to have industrial experience as well, so as to provide exclusively relevant content for every single client.

Where do you see TutorVersal 5 years down the line?

That question in itself is an answer. 5 years? I can assure you that just 2 years later or even earlier than that, we are going to be the leading assignment help service providers. Want to bet on that?

Leading Services

The reasons and strategies that we have been working on are almost in their final stage, and soon, we will be working on revolutionising the entire industry. Coming back to your question, 5 years down the line, we will fulfill what our name suggests – A Universe of Tutors!


About the Director

Mr. Mark Banner is a highly proficient academician who was awarded Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of New South Wales, Australia in 1998. Along with Mr. Stuart Wayne, he framed the business strategy of TutorVersal and started working for a better future for the students, and consequently, after a decade, both the directors have 2000 employees dedicatedly working to achieve the vision that both of them once had. Mr. Banner always had a flair to do something unique, and the foundation that he laid a decade ago, presently balances a skyscraper, named TutorVersal. And, the sky seems to be the limit!









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