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Essays is a piece of writing which involves an author’s personal opinion. The writer presents learned arguments, thorough observations, recollections, reflections, criticism, and manifestos to support his or her opinion. We got an opportunity to interview one of the most experienced essay writing tutors at TutorVersal – Charlotte Brown. Since the last decade, the assignment help service provider, TutorVersal has come across hundreds of essay writing projects. We came to know that management assignments constitute an astounding 30-40% of the total assignment help requests registered by the company. We asked miss Brown about the problems faced by the clients, and the skills required to write a flawless essay.

How do YOU define an essay?

Apart from the countless definitions and theories that you can easily search with the click of a mouse, I would “define” an essay as a well-analysed and observed OPINION about a specific topic.


A commendable essay is the one in which the writer is able to persuade the reader while providing relevant arguments for all the possible queries. The whole idea is to convey your viewpoint in the most engaging as well as informative manner.

What are the skills required to write an essay?

While talking about Essay Writing, we focus on two sets of skills – Academic, and personal.

1) Cite from exclusively verified sources,

2) Know the format of the write-up as per the requirements, and most importantly,

3) Acquire in-depth subject-matter knowledge to present the arguments.

On the other hand, the most important personal skill is – PATIENCE. We have often noticed that the students are not able to sit for sufficient hours while writing an essay.


Any distraction while writing an essay MAY not seem like a big problem, but, it DOES impedes one’s flow of writing and thought-recollection.

Basically, the essence of a write-up is its coherence. Once disturbed, even if the essence is not lost, but the quality is somewhat compromised. So, yes! Patience is the key.

Which stream of students seeks essay writing help the most?

Since the time we have been guiding the students in their assignments, almost 60-70% of essay writing requests have come from Management and Nursing fields. Reason being, both of these areas have a vast subject matter, complicated methodologies, and confusing terminologies.

Out of all the assignments we delivered, a significant portion consists of management assignments regarding different write-ups such dissertations, reports, case studies but mostly, essays.


Over the last decade, apart from the students, we have also helped several renowned academic journalists, as well as working professionals and writers. Due to time constraints and multiple projects, plus stringent deadlines, they also struggle to present flawless essays. Moreover, while providing them write-ups, we matched their expectations, and in many cases, even exceeded them. So, apart from students, our clientele also consists of people from different backgrounds.

So, yes! We do have highly qualified experts and tutors from diverse fields for everyone in the entire world who seeks our help.

What are the problems generally faced while writing essays?

Through my experience, I can summarise this issue quoting Ralph C. Smedley. He said, “The great need today in every phase of our social, economic and political life is understanding.”

The same applies while writing an essay. Students often struggle understanding the question or questions, and that is where they start their innings on a wrong foot.

In the end, students want to get good assignment grades, but if the question is not understood properly, then things can go south when it comes to assignment grades.


No matter how rich content you write, if the question is not answered, and you are just beating around the bush, the entire objective of an essay, in fact, the sole reason of the assignment is lost. And all you are left with, is a bad grade, even after you put efforts into it.

To overcome this problem, we have been guiding our clients, as well our writers about precise requirements of a question. Once the question is clearly understood, one can move forward while sticking with the marking rubric and attain the desired results.

About the Essay Writing Tutor

Charlotte Brown has been a part of the TutorVersal family since February 2008. Being a writer herself, after a decade of experience in the assignment writing industry, Charlotte is now training hundreds of new academic writers, content writers, customer care executives, as well as marketing personals, who are associating themselves with the company.


Under her guidance, the new employees at TutorVersal learn the most formidable techniques and the finest tactics to help everyone with their problems.




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