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How adaptive are you to change? According to a recent survey conducted by our management assignment help experts, humans tend to struggle with getting accustomed to changing environments. Therefore, as a result, the humans… or in the organisational term, the employees struggle to keep up with the intra-organisation changes they face.

Focusing on the same was a management guru by the name (refer to the title!). He proposed only after a survey conducted between over a century of organisations and came to certain conclusions.

As a management student, you would have come across about 15-20 management theories by now. We would not disagree with the fact that all of them help running an organisation. However, this blog shall focus on only one of them and give you a detailed and “broken down into bits” insight on Kottler’s Change Management Model which is necessary to counter any assignment, say our management assignment help providing experts. Be it management or marketing, we suffice equal justice with our marketing assignment help services as well.

Change Management 101!

It is indeed an 8-step process, but there’s nothing wrong with choosing “101” to tell you what’s to follow. Change management is the systematic approach of dealing with the transition in the originations. The change can be the shift in technology, the organisation’s goal or change in the business process. There are various models for the effective application of change management in an organisation. Kotter’s change management model, Lewin’s change management model, ADKAR model and, Kubler-Ross five-stage models are some of the change management models which our management assignment help service providers believe shall be one of the most important topics for your assignment and examination purposes.

Kotter’s change management model was introduced by John Kotter. It is an 8-step model which was developed based on the research of 100 organisations which were experiencing the change in the business process. The 8 steps of the model include increased urgency, building a guiding team, develop the vision, communicate for buy-in, empower action, create short-term wins, consolidating change and institute change.

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Kottler’s Model of Change in Management

Here’s a step by step process of the management model proposed by Kottler.

Degrees of Kottler’s Model

Step 1: Increase urgency: This step includes the identification of the threats and the impact of changes in the future.  In addition to this, the opportunities should also be acknowledged. This step also involves the request to stakeholders for the involvement in the change management.

Step 2: Forming powerful guiding coalitions: This step requires the formation of volunteers group for guiding, communicating and coordinating the people in change management. The project team can help in implementing the appropriate steps for encouraging the employees for change. The coalition is developed among the people in different jobs and departments.

Step 3: Develop the vision: the development of a clear vision can help different stakeholders in understanding the vision of the organisation. This results in gaining the support of the employees, where their ideas are also incorporated. The formation of the strategic vision demonstrates the difference between the future and past due to the change in the organisation.

Step 4: Communication: One of the vital steps of the Kotter’s change management tool is communication. The communication among the stakeholders helps in the development of the support and acceptance by the employees. This step can be incorporated by sharing the aim of the changes in the organisation and handling the concerns of the employees.

Step 5: Empower action: The empowerment of action results in removing the obstacles, where the organisation ensures that the process, structure, and vision of the organisation are in line with each other. This step also involves the removal of the barriers by continuously checking on the people who are resisting change.

Step 6: Create short-term wins: the short-term wins in the change management process can be developed by dividing the change management process into steps and encouraging the achievement of short-term goals. The development of short-term goals is less expensive and has a lower probability of failure.

Step 7: Consolidating gains: After the achievement of short-term goals, Kotter’s model of change management proposes to achieve continuous improvements. The organisation undergoing change should incorporate continuous development for the achievement of long-term goals. The organisation should analyse individual success stories for further development.

Step 8: Institute change: This is the final step of the Kotter’s change management model, where the organisation ensures the long-term goal. The organisation and the management ensure that the change is appropriately incorporated within the culture and each employee and leader support the change so that the support of each stakeholder can be continuous.

The assignment of the change management can assist a student in incorporating the model in the change management and analyse the mistakes done by the managers in the given case study. Furthermore, the example of assignment can also support the student in framing the appropriate recommendations based on the Kotter’ model of change management.

Since Kottler’s change management model could be a part of both management and marketing, we believe, an example shall suffice you with better comprehendible justice. So, here it goes, the management or marketing assignment sample.

Kottler’s Change Management Assignment Example

The objective to be achieved via this question file (not received much long ago) is to compile a report on the following subject.

Tips to Encounter the Above Change Management Model

question According to the assignment above, the student needs to prepare a report based on a case study of Cheryl Hailstrom where they have to critique the communication of the change by her. To attempt the report, the student should have appropriate knowledge of the Kotter’s model of change management and should compare it with the case study. Furthermore, the student needs to make the recommendations for the improvement in the change management system by Cheryl Hailstrom. In addition to this, the student should also have knowledge of other change management models such as Lewin’s change management model, ADKAR model and, Kubler-Ross five-stage models so that actions of Cheryl Hailstorm can be compared with other change management models also and would make up an additional part of the question file.

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We have made sure that we keep intact a quick 1-minute form, wherein, you can simply place your requirements and be done with your job. To attempt to get you the HD you deserve is our responsibility and we always do our best to never let anyone down.

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