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Freud’s theory was developed by Sigmund Freud which provides a psycho dynamic approach to psychology. According to our psychology assignment help experts, the knowledge of Freud’s theory is important for the healthcare professionals working in specialised department of psychology as it helps in understanding the mechanism behind every particular action or mental illness of the patient.

The assignments on Freud’s theory has been given to the nursing students for enhancing their analytical power and skills of an effective assessment and diagnosis which is required by them during decision making in their future practice during. The students may experience some difficulties in understanding this theory and writing their assignments because this theory is complex and requires clearance of the concepts and its application in real world. Thus, they seek assignment help from experts.

What Our Psychology Assignment Help Experts Say About This Theory?

Basically, Freud postulated that the conscious and unconscious actions taken by the individuals have been mediated by certain drives and forces. This theory explains the relation between the unconscious derives of a person which let them doing things in a certain way.

Based on this theory, our psychology assignment help experts consider three aspects of human mind which controls and form the personality of an individual. These three aspects are as follows:


It is the primitive structure in which a person wants instant gratification of their needs and urges. It simply means the person wants his/ her needs to be fulfilled without concerning about the feelings of others. Basically, our assignment help experts provide guidance to students who come to us with these kinds of assignments.


Ego is the pragmatic part of personality of a person which is partly conscious and party unconscious in nature.  In this personality, the person will learn about compromising with the thing and control his/ her desire.

Super ego

It is the aspect in which the child learns about the right and wrong things.  In this aspect after doing something wrong, the person could experience the feelings of guilt or shame on their actions.

So, the Freud’s theory is just about the personality of people or there anything else which is given by Sigmund Freud’s. Let’s check out the other postulates of Freud’s theory, upon which our psychology assignment help provide guidance on.

Our assignment help experts also deal with the psychosexual theory proposed by Freud, which explains that the children undergo different psychosexual stages during their development period. These stages are as follows:

Oral stage:  This age starts from birth to 1 year. In this stage children’s primary source of interaction is mouth. They start sucking and sucking reflections are developed during this stage.

Anal stage:  The anal stage starts from 1 year ends till 3 years of age. In this stage the children learn about the basic toilet training. The children learn about their own bodily needs. The learning of this stage leads to competence, productivity and creativity development during adult stage.

Phallic stage:  This stage is between 3 to 6 years in which the children learns about their genitals and starts differentiating between a male and a female. In this stage, the male children start recognizing their fathers as a rival of their mother’s love and affection.

Latent stage: This stage starts from 6 years old to puberty. In this stage the superego develops in children and they learn about social skills, values and relationships with their family, community, peers and others.

Genital stage:  This stage starts after puberty and ends after death.  During this stage the individuals develops sexual interests in opposite sexes.

Got an assignment on Freud’s theory? Our Psychology assignment help experts will guide you!

These are the concepts which are basically talked by our psychology assignment help experts at TutorVersal. The concepts given above have been used by our nursing experts in solving psychology assignments. The explanation of different stages and aspects of Freud’s theory could help the students in writing their assignments in a better way. Now they apply this theory in their assessments as well as this will help the students in their future clinical practices.

Having delivered expert guidance on more than 150+ disciplines, our experts have never managed to bring smiles on the faces of students all over Australia. For more information about our services, contact us.

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