• Albert
  • 16 june 2016

Assignment writing on law of demand clearly states the law that the quantity demanded of a commodity is inversely related to its price, ceteris paribus. Law of demand explains the inverse or negative relationship between the quantity demanded and the price of the commodity. When price of a commodity increases, its quantity demanded decreases and when the price decreases, its quantity demanded increases. This explains the basic consumer instinct of why we purchase more quantities when the price is lower.

You can choose from the above mentioned topics, begin your research and conduct a critical analysis of the chosen topic. Ensure that the idea you select adds something new to the field of Management. Firstly students have to collect evidence and organize it. They have to define the problem statement, outline solutions and identify evaluation criteria to be used. Then they have to build relationships, present the main argument and support it with evidence. After conducting the research students have to derive findings and results.