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To realise the common good could be termed under three subject domains – political science, philosophy, or economics – and you would be glad to know that we do cater common good assignment help in all three of them.

Common good refers to the aspects that are mutually beneficial for the people that make up a particular community. If you wanna go back in time, you would find that it was the Greek philosophers who introduced the concepts of the common good. Heard of Aristotle and Plato? Yes, to bring you an end to all the surprises; they were the ones.

There are a handful of theories that you must know in order to spring yourself ahead and overtake the competition.

This blog shall educate you about the theories that you must know. Starting with the first one,

Political Economic Theory

Our common good assignment help experts believe that if you are looking for details about the term common good while you are pursuing a degree in economics; you might know that “common good” and “public good” are two separate entities. Both of them have a technical definition.

When you talk about the common good in economics, you are bound to come across a cooperative equilibrium. Under the conditions under which a “prisoner” could term himself a confused person could be uprooted by following a path of action equally beneficial for the society, say our common good assignment help experts.

The economic theory, on the other side of the coin, hints to gains (social) from the competition’s side as the underlying rationale for proper functioning in the market. The First Theorem of Welfare Economics formalises the insight that the ‘invisible hand” (as termed by Adam Smith), wherein, the functioning of the market turns the self-interest related activities of individuals into activities that are for the benefit of the society.

Social Choice Theory

Whenever anyone talks or mentions the social theory, Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem automatically pops up. It is kind of obvious.

The theory clearly directs that there is no mechanism that for a collective or generalised choice which can possibly and continuously change the individual preferences into a preference of a mass. In a mass of community or society, each individual has a distinct choice. This not only reduces the rationality of the decision but makes the decision a bit too much to the biased side.

It is not at all possible for a theory to be proposed without a critique pointing out the loopholes. William H Riker was right on his part to claim that the theory proposed by Adam focused only on the content of “social welfare” and “public welfare” which implicitly gives birth to the doubt that by the amalgamation of the above two, it cannot be stated in favour of the individual value judgements!

And, boy, he was right to say that but Adam was not wrong.

Common Good Assignment Help Sample

Here, find below the common good assignment sample of a short write up below. Give it a read. And you would yourself get to know why we and other philosophers who came into the picture after that never rebelled the rebel. You would better understand.

The above is a part of the answer that just came our way about two months ago. If you look for inspiration for how to go about your sub-subject; the above is the perfect sample answer to set your eyes upon. We do not wish to self-praise but the quality is so…. perfect!

Common Good Assignment Help by TutorVersal

You may comprehend from the above example our level of knowledge when it comes to common good assignment answers. The panel of common good assignment experts has worked all its professional life to support social causes and to give back fruits to the society. This is also the basis of our human rights law assignment help. Quoting Adam’s theory, we must not generalise the choices for an individual. Rather, each individual must be given the opportunity to give back the society on a regular basis.

Taking the mean of all the preferences is one thing and referring to a choice and terming it as a representative for the selected class or sample is another.  Our experts understand the ideology through and through. Which is why their expertise in common good assignment help is one of a kind.

You need only drop in your details and let us know what common good assignment answers you require from us via an order now form. TutorVersal’s assignment help is your destination.

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