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With Perdisco MYOB, the concept of learning of accounting and statistics has changed from looking at the blackboard to online lessons. It provides a platform for practice tests and questions to develop in-depth knowledge of the subjects. Perdisco by MYOB offers two types of problem sets, one is the Perdisco Problem set that develops the concepts of a student regarding the subject matter knowledge and another is the graded homework help sets of different universities. With its continuously refreshing questions to overcome copying issues, Perdisco has been implemented by several universities. Students are provided with Perdisco login IDs. They are given two sets of paper and the higher score is then sent to the university as final assignment grade. With every question answered by a student, Perdisco offers feedback and explanations regarding that question. This helps the student to do SWOT analysis of his preparation for semester-end exams.

Perdisco practice sets for accounting are extensively used to study introductory and intermediate accounting courses. This enhances a student’s accounting skills such as transaction recording, manual journal entry recording, ledger posting and preparation of financial statements. However, each Perdisco assignment and practice set requires exhilarating 15-20 hours of studies. Students are unable to
dedicate the time for assignments due to lack of time because of multiple assignments, stringent deadlines, active co-curricular participation or part-time jobs. They tend to look for experts and online assignment writing services to write their assignments.

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