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Business and Management Studies is a very broad domain and it gives the students a basic understanding of how the business organisations work. While writing essays on Business and Management topics, you will have to select a suitable subject, extensively research on the topic, professionally draft the essay, edit and then proofread the essay before submitting it.


If you notice, you will see that this process is quite long and will take a lot of the student’s precious time and this could leave him behind in terms of studies. So, this is where we, at TutorVersal, wish to help you. We will provide you with expert Essay content that will help you get HD grades for your assignment. Our essays are written by experts who have in-depth subject matter knowledge and years of experience in the business field. So, to help our clients, our Business and Management assignment experts have enlisted 10 different essay topic for your essays.

Innovative Technology in Business.

innovation plan

This will talk about the importance of technology and automation in business. While writing about such essays, one needs to emphasise on different perspectives of business processes involved while inculcating technology.

Is it legal or ethical for service providers to include hidden charges?

hidden charges

As the topic says this is a topic to write and talk about the hidden charges that come up when we use an ISP service.

Should companies be held responsible after their consumers misuse their products?

warranty card

This one talks about how the company can have a role in decreasing the number of consumers that misuse products. Such essays discuss all the terms and conditions involved in warranty or guarantee schemes. Also, the essay discusses responsibilities of consumers.

Is a promise or word of mouth worth anything in business?

word of mouth

Here, you can write about the moral and ethical aspects involved in mouth promises. On the other side, you can also contrast its value until and unless it is recorded.

Harassment within company premises.

workplace harrasment

This one will talk about how a lot of women and men suffer inside companies, you can talk sexual harassment, workplace bullying, undermining and similar issues, and how the companies can help stop it.

Performance evaluation techniques.

performance appraisal

You can describe how an employees’ work can be evaluated, and if he or she does a good job, how should he be rewarded?

A positive working environment leads to positive effects on productivity.

positive work enviornment

Such essays will require you to assess the impacts that a positive working environment can haveon the production and in the morale of the employees. You need to back up your arguments using certain evidences and all of them should be highlighted under this topic.

Social network platforms are effective in promoting businesses

social media

How can companies use social media platforms to increase their profit and how to best utilise this? Also, the importance of SMM and other types of marketing such as influential marketing and viral marketing should be emphasised.

All Businesses should go green.

green business

This is a topic where we must talk about work ethics and why all companies must not get involved in shady businesses which could harm their own reputation.

Is it legal for companies to hide information that could be potentially injurious to their image especially from their customers?

hiding side effects

Well, legally they can, but while writing essay on this topic, you must discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of this system, and how does it affect the business field.


There are a lot of different Business-related essay topics that a student can pick from, and as mentioned earlier, they all need a lot of work and patience put into it for it to become an essay that can get you high grades. Additionally, the essays in university level are assessed on the basis of the relevant evidence-based arguments that you make while writing an essay. It is always better if you have already been assigned an essay, but if you are not, and you want to choose one for your business essay, TutorVersal is here for your help.


These 10 are some of the most popular business essay topics for you to secure high grades in your assignments. If you think that we have missed any point in the topics, you can comment below. Stay tuned for more Top 10 Blogs.

In case you still feel troubled while choosing an essay topic or writing any of your Business assignments, our Business Essay experts are always at your services. Just give us a call or contact us via mail, and order your HD grades now from TutorVersal!

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