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Economics! What not you can write on this? While you’re writing for economics, you’re not at all limited with anything. Economics gives you a variety of topics to write under. But I’m sure you don’t want to write something common as others. You can really outstand with your topic from others, just by having something really interesting, unique and attractive. But since I said there is no limit and you can write something unique, but don’t ever try to make a cliché. Writing style must be tuned up so that readers will have no confusion at the time of mugging up the content in economics. Don’t choose any awkward term which seems to sound obsolete and obscure in meaning. And what can be the best topics for the same are mentioned below. Have reference and create an appreciating thesis.

ladies and gentlemen

#1- The role of family business in economics and its place in the today’s business sphere.

Nothing can be more relatable than this topic to readers who are into family business. Not only to family businessmen but also to the entrepreneur who wants to know about trending/current business sphere.

family business

#2- Do unemployment rates grow together with economics?

What-a-interesting thesis we can create under this topic. This can interest the audience. Keep thesis as simple as the topic, exclude using jargons, but do include survey and graphs

job search

#3- The contribution of entrepreneurial networks for regional development.

Entrepreneurship has acquired central importance among the processes that affect regional economic change. Entrepreneurs are essential actors of change, and they can act to accelerate the creation, diffusion and application of new ideas. The region is shaped by innovative actions of risk-seeking entrepreneurs. Competition, trust, network organisation and public policy are ingredients for win-win situations at the local level.


#4- The impact of gender equality in employment on economic growth and workforce productivity

A powerful management should encompass all the outstanding talents as well as social experience. Women have the sheer volume of Human Capital which can be used to increase Economic Growth.

#5- How do habits and routines affect the productivity? The case of (an industry)

Organisations want to obtain the commitment of their employees. Management needs to explain what the organisation represents; this will enable the employee to get familiar with the organisational system.


#6- The role of social capital in the rural regions 

Rural marginalization can be largely explained by unfavourable conditions and missing resources, but not entirely and not in all regions. Some very sparsely populated regions with lack of policy measures, poor economic and unfavourable climatic conditions prove to be even more viable than regions which are much better off. The structure of social capital has to adapt to new challenges and developments.

#7- Trends in consumer behaviour 

Habits or behaviours currently prevalent among consumers of goods or services are consumer trends. You can add survey or study of consumer behaviour. The study of consumer behaviour is concerned with all aspects of purchasing behaviour – from pre-purchase activities through to post-purchase consumption, evaluation and disposal activities

#8- Economics of risk and uncertainty

Economic uncertainty is something that is just beyond our control, and thus, needs a proper understanding of how and why they happen to know about it!


#9- Job creation and destruction

Since job creation is uppermost in the minds of policymakers, it might be useful to examine what scholars have to say about job creation. Existing units expand or contract; new units start up; old ones shut down; all of which happens continually across industries, across regions within a country and across countries. Job destruction and creation reflect the impact of a large variety of economic events that include:

  • Growth and decline of new products and production processes,
  • Competition from domestic and foreign rivals,
  • The extension and denial of credit and regulatory and tax changes.

social capital

#10- Importance of resource allocation

Resource allocation is the assignment of available resources to various uses. Resources can be allocated using a manual approach an algorithmic approach, or a combination of both. You can also create a comparative study between three theories.

allocation of resources

We hope you have already selected one of your favourite topics out of these and jotted down a few thesis statements to introduce it to the assessor. It’s time for you to Research, do the survey and create a remarkable thesis, but in case you are yet to decide one and require our help, you can contact us and get the best economics assignment help to take a step towards academic excellence with TutorVersal!

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