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The way you structure and organise your essay is very important. Just as much as the knowledge you have. If your essay does not ‘flow’ or ‘connect’, then your material gets presented in a haphazard fashion. This is quite a thing to worry about. But we, at TutorVersal, make sure to bind that bridge. TutorVersal has always opened gates for knowledge in all terms so, for law students, getting their essays right is, you can say, mandatory to reach out the goal. A lot of topics are elaborated and jotted on but a few let encouraged our law essay experts to enlist10 of the best essay topics for law assignments.




Let’s Begin!

Creation VS Evolution


creation vs evolution


The creation-evolution controversy involves a recurring cultural, political, and theological dispute about the origins of the Earth, of humanity, and of other life. It is helpful as students can consider the holistic arena and improve.

 Same-sex marriage


same sex


This topic is greatly included for a law learner as it relates to people’s right to choose and fulfil their choices in a healthy environment.

Genetically modified foods




Consumer courts and other authorities have always justified the cases of adulteration fairly. Genetically modified foods are one of many remarks of the modern science development we have. So, students are supposed to recognise the fine line and get mind proof with it.



cyber bullying


From communication to taxation, everything has found its ways over the internet and the extra exposure to it has led to such ill practices of cybercrimes. Any sort of mental, physical, sexual discomfort online can be framed under this category to write an essay on.

Gender Equality


gener equality


The outrageous competition between the sexes all over the world is an ongoing phenomenon. Dealing with all types of rights towards all the genders and to avoid any type of misbehaviour because of the gender, a law student must be thorough with this topic.

Death Penalties


death penalty


Capital punishment in today’s world is very debatable as this involves one’s life. One while delivering justice must take into consideration all the aspects. Giving death penalties is quite difficult and questionable at the same time. We, at TutorVersal, help students to understand and make such topics easy for them.

Voting age lowering


voting age


Universal suffrage gives all the adults a confidence to put forth their views in running a state. It is quite observable that today’s generation, even at a tentative age, inculcates the knowledge about the government and leaders and is interested in politics. So lowering the voting age is a topic to be discussed.

Artificial intelligence




Believing in machines over the living instincts and intellect is the world we live in, and the feeling is strengthening with the passage of time. Connecting its positive effects on humanity is what can be discussed in the essays on this topic.

Driving Age Raising


driving age


People get friendly with machines easily and hence, the skill to learn to use one won’t take time. It’s not rocket science to drive a car but again, the psychology one should have on the road is necessary too at the same time. So, whether driving age should be raised is what one topic that can be discussed in a law essay. It is interesting as well!





Abortion is medical termination of a pregnancy. There are multiple aspects of it, both legal and illegal. Contrasting the right to life with consensual abortion, and then studying and deciding rules for abortion is quite a thesis.

Essays can be categorised as persuasive, descriptive, expository or narrative. Also, it needs to carry a purpose and should be engaging. We all think it that way – why bother looking if it’s not worth it. So, to grab the much-needed attention, one must make it readable. Obviously, we are here not talking about you taking an ink pen to improve your handwriting.


law hammer


The thing with essays is they should in all, just by an introduction, summarise the points written in it. So, for this to happen, simply and smartly, just divide it into paragraphs, not to make anyone of them too big or too small.


Again, in these paragraphs, one must have an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. The introduction should not be stretched or filled with everything at once. It is just supposed to be a vague idea of your topic which any lay-man would understand. The body of the essay is where all the Alma mater lies. This now must at least contain 5 concrete points – evidence-based arguments – that strengthen your opinion in the essay. Coming to the end of the conclusion should, in a way, get your flow ended so well that people should, after reading it, feel satisfied with the work.


law circle


Essays for law students are a crucial part of academics because they relate to legal precedents and judicial activism. Students are often given simulated cases, so besides mooting, they improve one’s overall academic and interpersonal skills.

Such topics with proper guidance will help them relate to legal ethics or specific areas of law that all students must study, no matter what their speciality may ultimately be.

To inculcate these adjectival motives, TutorVersal guides the students in Australia, UK, US, Canada, and many others. We mentor the students thoroughly, so it could help them cope up with the world and its fast actions.

Today what we need is “Smart-work” and not bygones “hard-work”.

The same dedication is observed and assured by TutorVersal’s law essay experts. Still facing problem in writing your law essay, contact us and order your HD grades now!

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