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Law students and then the assignment of writing thesis can be a real pain for students, especially that of the legal domain. But since we are here, we will provide you the painkillers! Here TutorVersal’s Law assignment helpers are helping with top 10 Thesis Topics for Law students. But before we begin, you need to understand what errors you have to avoid.

When you’re writing a thesis, especially for something like law, you need to be utmost attentive and critical. As advised by Law assignment helpers, you should not select a topic if you are not deeply interested in it – this will turn the writing process into a complete torture. Also, being a law student, you know the importance of a deadline, so don’t try to postpone it. So, before you start with it you should inform of your area of interest, hinting at the focus of your research, and draw attention to specific outcomes of your research. Take the time to formulate a successful title for your dissertation. You should tackle numerous tasks to create a good doctoral project: a specific research question should be framed, suitable resources for relevant cases and regulations should be found, legal authorities should be interviewed, and proper legal terms should be used in the process of writing. Being too independent while composing the thesis is not a good practice.

Keeping all these things on the mind are you ready to get an easy path to your thesis writing? Let’s Go!

Criminal Law

Criminal law covers a wide range of areas and is an interesting and often topical area. It can be difficult to grasp some of the principles and subject areas and topics should be chosen very carefully. Under criminal law, the topics you can easily get your hand on and grab your interest are:

  • Discuss the effectiveness of strategies used to deter or completely stop criminal behaviour
  • How might the field of criminal justice look today, if all drugs were legalised? What if all drugs disappeared completely?

Commercial Law

Commercial law is often described as covering a wide area and cannot really be dealt with in isolation. Commercial law dissertation topics encompass all aspects of business transactions and the regulatory functions therein. Dissertation topics in international commercial law have gained strong popularity due to the nature and frequency of international trade. Now what can attract you here are:

  • Bills of lading through international commercial law.
  • Financial corruptions under international commercial law.

Tort Law

The concept of tort law effectively defines what is considered a legal injury and establishes the circumstances whereby an individual may be held liable for another’s injury resulting from either intentional acts or accidents. It is a complex area to study, so here are some suggestions to help you with your law thesis on Tort Law:

  • A critical discussion of the need to reform the law on nuisance.
  • An exploration of the need to reform the rules to establish a duty of care in relation to public body defendants.

Employment Law

Employment law dissertation topics encompass a wide range of issues and challenges faced in the context of employment, ranging from laws, working conditions, applicable wage rates and so on. With increased incidence of globalisation, current employment law topics for research papers usually focus on the international context of employment issues. Topics in employment law range in diversity based on area and level of the academic program being followed. The following is a compilation of the most recent trending topics in employment law:

  • Race, cultural orientation, and employment
  • A review of unfair dismissal laws

Family Law

Family Law comprises of laws relating to making-up and breaking-up of families. Family law dissertation topics hence relate to marriage, divorce and related matters, adoption, and associated issues like paternity, children’s rights and protective services. Family and the Law of Child is considered to cover a wide range of topics regarding the family and marriage, including moves to harmonise the legal position of married and unmarried couples, the influence of the Human Rights Act 1998, nullity, void and voidable marriages, the effects of a decree, statutory rights relating to marriage, the registration of marriages, and the case for reform of UK family law. Other topics that may be of interest include the Child Support Act 1991, financial orders for children, the enforcement of financial obligation to a child or children, the award of maintenance and the enforcement of the arrears of maintenance payments and enforcement of financial obligations in the Magistrates court. Let me help you with two of them:

  • Forced separation, dementia and financial decisions in family law courts – an analysis.
  • Divorce and social consequences- An exploration across religious cultures.

Helpful enough? I know it’s hard for you to get satisfied. With TutorVersal by your side, you’ll have everything and still feel less. Our legal experts strictly abide by and advise students to consider only authentic sources while preparing the thesis in any of the aforementioned thesis topics or for any other topic. Some of the recommended websites for the same include Google scholar, Gov, and. Edu websites. At last, something really very obvious, nothing can help you more than your own self. So, research, analyse and bring the best out of it with the help of your personal tutors, nominated among hundreds, as per your needs at TutorVersal!

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