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What is Persuasive Essay?

Persuasive Essay is also called as an Argument essay in which logic and reasoning is used to communicate that one concept is way more reliable than the second one. The concept of persuasive essay is the one in which the writer focus on certain key points in order to persuade the essay reader specifically about the essay topic or any other factor related to it. The essay writer has the freedom to make a choice on the available options of discussion and then express his opinions clearly to the audience and then drift their attention towards a particular direction which can be against or for the topic. In the persuasive essay writing, the main aim of the writer is to effectively present his opinions and thoughts in such a way that the readers are completely convinced with the writer’s thoughts and thus, accept their point of view.

Persuasive Essay writing help is one of the challenging tasks as the writer must gather all the credible information to present his / her arguments on the topic. Also, there is a specific method to write a persuasive essay in order to make it effective. Students have to seek help from professional experts to write their persuasive essays and score high marks in their academics. Following is the basic approach used by experts in writing essays:

  • Understand the topic thoroughly and decide whether you want to present argument against the topic or for the topic
  • Consider the type of audience and analyse if they support your arguments or are against it or are neutral
  • Next step is the most important step as it involves intense research on the topic. The writer must ensure that all the required concepts and knowledge are gathered through research and for this, most credible and reliable resources must be used
  • Last step involves proper structuring and formatting of the essay.

Few important topics that can form the best topics for persuasive writings are as follows. These topics are just few sample ones and are not limited to a single concept.

  • Should schools / colleges permit students to use cell phones in their premises?
  • Social media is a boon or bane?
  • Should public transport be made free for senior citizens?
  • Has technology made us very lazy to carry out routine things manually?
  • Is it good to replace textbooks by electronic notebooks for students in schools and colleges?

Persuasive Essay Sample:

Following is an example of Persuasive Essay writing sample on the topic described below –

“Social media is a boon or bane?”

Social media is one of the most effective ways of communicating with our friends and family irrespective of our location. Social media is considered as the quickest means of communicating with people around us and is highly adopted throughout the world. Various social media sites have come up in this regard and to name a few they are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Orkut etc. though the main purpose of social media is the communication, there are various major issues related to its adoption. One of the high impact issues is the addiction to social media sites. Students (College / schools) get very addicted to social media sites and do not focus on their studies. On the other hand, privacy issues have created a major problem among the youth as pictures from social media sites are collected and posted in porn sites.

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