Accounting Assignment Help

Accounting Assignment Help

Accounting is an integral business function which takes into consideration all the assets, capital and liabilities of the business in order to communicate the financial status of the business to the interested stakeholders. Through accounting, future investors are able to scrutinize the flow of cash in and out of the organization in order to determine whether the firm is worth investing their assets in. it is the duty of the manager to ensure that all the accounts of the firm are well organized and can be produced at any time for audit. It is a legal requirement that every organization submits its books of account for audit after very financial year thus declaring its profits or losses in the just concluded financial year. Good account keeping is therefore necessary for the posterity of all business ventures.

Types of Accounts

  • Asset accounts
  • Debit accounts
  • Liability accounts
  • Credit accounts
  • Accounts of equity
  • Revenue accounts
  • Balance sheets
  • Trial balance
  • Trading accounts
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Income statements
  • Tax accounts
  • Management accounts
  • Financial accounts
  • Audits

Features of an account

  • Debit entries
  • Credit entries
  • Balance brought forward
  • Balance carried down
  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Capital
  • Stock

Accounting is a formal business practice which can be used as a forecasting tool by both future investors and current business shareholders to predict the future expectations of the business. The initial capital of the business, the opening and the closing stock are all tabulated for clarity of communication in arithmetic form. Other entries which are included in accounting include current assets, fixed assets and liabilities in order to accurately show the financial position of the business. Accounting assignment help offers clarifications in various business accounts in order to draw financial statements like balance sheets, income statements, statements of cash flow, inventories, statement of shareholder equity and depreciation accounts.

Help with accounting homework serves a multipurpose goal of elucidating clear formats of formulating annual reports, quarterly reports, and calculation of present value, determination of future value of assets, bank reconciliation statements, comprehensive income and error correction in accounts. Online accounting assignment help categorically explains how to formulate business accounts in a step by step procedure beginning by drafting the account format then insertion of figures into the tabulated account. Depending on the nature of the figures, they can either be on the debit or on the credit side and therefore are used to elucidate the financial position of the business. Furthermore, it is important to appreciate the fact that accounting becomes incomplete without balancing of accounts. Balanced accounts are credible meaning that all the assets of the business are in check and no liabilities have been excluded from the books of accounts. Accounting assignment help ensures that all the accounts have been balanced so to avoid any suspicion of fraudulent activities in the organization.

Topics of Accounting Assignment Help

Balance sheet

Cycle of accounting


Stock in treasury

Tax accounting

Petty cash book

Forensic accounting


Internal audits

Management accounting

Analytical cashbook

Apportionment of cost

Analysis of increments

Audit reports


Income statement

Accounting for payrolls


Budget planning

Breakeven analysis

Valuation of liabilities

Assets and liabilities





Trial balance

Equity of shareholders

Business journals

Financial accounting

Equity analysis

Analysis of increments

Equity analysis

Gross margin analysis

Analyzing an Accounting Assignment Problem

An accounting assignment question may be in different forms which may either require one to perform simple calculations or even draw a business account

An example of an account problem may require one to calculate the shareholder’s equity in the business given that the value of assets is M and the value of liabilities is N.

Step 1: following the accounting equation, Assets = Capital + Liabilities

Step 2: substitution of values, hence, Assets – M and Liabilities – N

Step 3: formation of the capital equation, therefore, Capital = Assets – liabilities

Step 4: calculation. Hence Capital will be obtained by M – N

Assuming that the value of assets in the equation was 657000 and the value of liabilities was 83000, then the actual calculation to determine the owners share equity in the business would be: 657000- 83000= 574000

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