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Developing a powerful rhetoric

Learning through a case study opens up several opportunities to grasp knowledge in a comprehensive way. A case study might be perceived as hypothetical learning material because it is about a company strategy or company policy in the distant past. And even if it is the recent past, the applicability of the case can be termed as ambiguous. However, case study is one of the most practical learning tools available to an academic.

A case study gives the student an opportunity to learn by example. The practical example is already set by a single or multiple entities which play a part in the case and all the student has to do is embrace practical scenarios by application of theoretical concepts. In a case study, both the practical scenario and theoretical concept carries equal weightage and learning opportunity.

A case allows the student to develop a clear and precise narrative of the company’s participation in solving a specific external or internal issue. Sometimes a healthy debate can also be beneficial for students to understand the case by forming teams and playing particular roles and discussing from two different view-points. East will not meet west but the students backing the East side argument will understand the position of the West in a much better way.

In the end both sides can collate their material and develop a holistic point of view. This kind of study helps the student to achieve the ultimate learning objective that is developing rhetoric through real-time experience of living the case.

One Problem & Multiple Solutions

The student understands the actual intensity of the problem because a case is not about a specific point of view. A case study is about developing several points of view and understanding the situation from a vantage point. This type of study becomes possible when the student reads the case with an open mind and participates in an analytical discussion with other students reading the same case. The tutor can moderate the discussion to reach a particular learning objective and in the end derive multiple solutions to a single problem.

Challenges the student to learn more

A case study also serves as a learning material that challenges the learner to learn more. This is due to the fact that a case allows the students to grasp knowledge from the limited information that is available. In the context of business management curriculum this type of learning is very advantageous because it allows the student to learn by wearing different learner hats. The learner’s hat can be that of a leader, a manager, a subordinate, a CEO or even a Director. It is evident that immense value is added by enhancing the learner’s ability to learn, in spite of the limited academic material. Our management experts understand the importance of playing the role of an ever-learner and grasping more knowledge every time a student opens the book. Our tutoring experts can provide a broad range of learning objectives and conceive the perfect solution in a management context.

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