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MYOB is an accounting software which is prominently used in Australia and New Zealand. It is the basic software for the accounting purposes used by small and medium companies and taught in various universities. MYOB homework contains various MYOB questions and accounting logic. Students with MYOB assignments are required to solve these questions and complete various accounting entries in the MYOB software.

Usually, it is important for students to enter one-month transactions and generate reports for completing their MYOB assignment. They must acquire a thorough understanding of MYOB software complexities besides having a strong hold on accounting logic. They should carefully enter the data, invoice number and amount while completing their coursework to ensure accuracy in accounting transactions. This often overburdens the students. As a result, they approach for MYOB assignment help.

MYOB Perdisco Assignment Help

Students can be given online MYOB assignments or offline MYOB assignments. MYOB Perdisco assignments are online assignments which mean students have to solve the assignment by logging into the Perdisco website.

Perdisco is a Latin word which means ‘learn thoroughly’. It is an online learning resource which provide students with finance assigment help, mathematics assignment help, and statistics assignment help. This software is extensively used in many universities for online teaching. Perdisco offers a range of online practice tests and questions that develop students’ understanding of MYOB and allow them to practice and learn various concepts while working on assignments. Each time students attempt questions, it changes the stories and numbers thus giving no scope of cheating or copying answers.

Perdisco provides MYOB accounting practice sets that are to be completed by students. For attempting MYOB Perdisco assignment, students need to login to Perdisco assignment and enter the week transactions in the MYOB software. Thereafter, the results of those transactions need to be entered into the Perdisco website. Students have to complete weekly transactions for regular five weeks. After entry of the transactions, the results are displayed after each stage. The marks are obtained in real time and students can keep a record of the marks attained.

Since the answers cannot be copied in Perdisco software, it is, therefore, critical for students to maintain high accuracy while working on their Perdisco assignments. Students must acquire proficiency on the MYOB software. Also, the results of the MYOB software must be correctly entered in the online Perdisco accounting assignment. Students have more chances to lose marks in Perdisco assignment even after filling the correct entries in MYOB. This is because Perdisco website evaluates the students on the basis of data entered in it. Therefore, it may be very useful for students to seek professional help for getting excellent Perdisco accounting practice set solutions that will help them score the grades they deserve.

Types of Problem/Question Sets in Perdisco

Broadly, there are two types of question sets that are offered to students in Perdisco. They are:

  • Perdisco Practice Set Questions- It is required for understanding and building a strong foundation on the subject. As a result, students are able to attempt questions more informally based on the precise knowledge they obtained on the subject matter.
  • Graded Homework Help Questions- This type of question set is designed for assignments only. The universities design and conduct each assignment online using Perdisco. The assignment questions can be attempted twice of which the better scores are counted in the semester grade. The students get instant feedback on the assignments online. This question sets provide students excellent MYOB assignment help with rich information.

Features of MYOB Accounting Practice Set

MYOB accounting practice sets teach students the practical skills necessary for accounting in MYOB Perdisco assignment by using MYOB software. Some of its features using Perdisco are as follows:

  • Track Performance- It enables the students to track their performance and check their current scores. This helps them prepare better in the further as per the results obtained.
  • Fast and Easy Accessibility- The online assignment can be accessed instantly without any location barrier. This makes it easily accessible and user-friendly.
  • Record Entry- Students can keep the real time record of the marks obtained after entry of each transaction.
  • Anti-Cheating- There are unique stories and numbers in each set of questions. This ensures that students have no scope of cheating or copying answers of problems.
  • Excellent Feedback- It provides students with an instant online feedback along with certain explanations to the results obtained after solving the questions. This helps students to check the correct results and methods of solving the problems.
  • Complex Questions- It has now become possible to code several complex questions including different multiple scenarios.
  • Clear Instructions- Questions instructors are able to give clear instructions regarding assignment problems in order to ensure that they are easily understood by students and better assist them in avoiding common mistakes.

All these important characteristics have made Perdisco practice set highly popular among universities and various business sectors. It further assist students to get expert MYOB assignment help.

Important Topics under MYOB Perdisco Assignment

Having the critical knowledge on the various topics that falls under MYOB Perdisco accounting assignment help students to provide more accurate and intelligent Perdisco accounting practice set answers. Further, it improve their academic scores and expand their professional capabilities. Some of the major topics covered under this area of study are mentioned below:

Inventory Management Debtor Management
Cash Books Management Multi-currency Transactions
Weighted Average Method Maintenance of Company Data Files
Purchase Ledger Perpetual Inventory Systems
Cash Flow Analysis Bank Reconciliation
Customizing Reports and Forms Prevention of Deletion of Cheques
Debtors and Creditors Recording of Transactions
Time Billing Reports Job Records
Category Reports Job Creations
Dealing with Duplicate Customer Account Merging Account Codes
Apply AASB Standards Record Adjusting Entries
Sales Ledger General Ledger
Setup a Company File in MYOB Year-end Procedures and Maintenance
Report and Analysis of Company Account Track Profitability
Aged Payables Reports Bad Debt
Synchronization with Outlook Restore Data File

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Sample Assignment Questions in which Students Get MYOB Perdisco Assignment Help

Students often approach us for the best solutions to the comprehensive type of assessment questions provided by their instructors. Our Ph.D. subject experts are proficient and dedicated to deliver exemplary MYOB assignment answers and Perdisco solutions to all type of assessment questions.

For instance, if students come with an assessment question wherein they are required to complete a comprehensive business simulation and analysis case via the Perdisco MYOB practice set. For such an MYOB Accounting Plus software assignment help, students are required to purchase the software key and complete an online MYOB practice set that will have 20% weight-age of the overall assessment marks for this unit. Based on your online submissions, Perdisco will automatically send your final results to the subject coordinator. This means that you do not need to send any data or information to the assessors.

The practice set has been designed to develop and improve the practical and technical skills of students that are critical to accounting tasks using the MYOB Accounting Plus software, throughout the one-month-accounting cycle for a fictional business. The practice set must be completed individually as it provides each student with a unique accounting data. It is a substantial activity that takes up to 20 study hours over days or weeks to complete. Therefore, you need to spend enough time to complete this task and submit it before the deadline. Though online submission is to be done, however, you may work offline by printing each page of the practice set. Once the submission is done, you will get instant feedback on your work and performance.

You can get the online practice set from your Perdisco account. You may process your payment using Mastercard or VISA Credit card or by cheque, BPAY or Australia Post money order.

Similarly, we provide professional MYOB accounting help solutions for various assessment problems on all the topics that falls under this area of study.


The above images are the screenshots of exact test results undertaken by our MYOB experts for students. These images are showcasing our expertise as the client has secured 100% marks.

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Career in MYOB Perdisco

Excellent MYOB skills and the working knowledge of using MYOB Perdisco effectively assist students in tracking their ways to success in diverse business areas. With easy accessibility and unique features, MYOB has now become the first choice of accountants in practice, major businesses and educational institutes worldwide.

Its immense popularity not only encourages students in completing their assignments more efficiently but also helps them develop their professional skills and expand career potentials. Some of the career prospects that are highly in-demand in various business industries are discussed as follows:

MYOB Payroll Officer- The candidate with MYOB Payroll experience is responsible for supporting the financial manager in their work projects and handling various payroll functions including timesheet entry, payroll processing, payroll reporting, PAYG and other ad hoc duties. The person must possess strong communications skills and attention to details besides having qualification background and field experience in the same.

MYOB Bookkeeper- The position is best fitted for the candidate with excellent MYOB skills, advanced excel and accounting knowledge. The person is required to manage all the bookkeeping process which comprises preparing job sheets, delivering dockets, orders in and out, entering data into QuickBooks, excel, MYOB and reconcile transactions. Bookkeeper must also prepare annual audit papers, financial accounts, budgets, client’s invoicing and manage debtors.

Accountant- The role of the accountant is to control and monitor all the areas of financial management. It involves producing and delivering monthly management reports, handling payroll functions, reporting, and analysis of cash flow, administration of accounts payable and receivable, sales reporting, debt collection, assisting in tender preparation. The eligible candidate must possess strong computer and analytical expertise, MYOB and excel skills, relevant qualification and working experience.

Business Administrator- The role of the business administrator is to work with finance manager for providing support with the overall financial and accounting process. The core tasks include cost-per-sale analysis, financial analysis, debtor collection, client’s account management, monthly maintenance of accounts, general ledger reconciliation and balance sheets, ad hoc administration. Excellent communication skills, and advanced MYOB and excel knowledge are essential to qualify the position.

MYOB AND Perdisco Data Entry- The position is appropriate for one who has excellent skills in Microsoft word, excel, and outlook, MYOB and customer support experience. The duties and responsibilities include data entry of accounts in MYOB and excel, maintaining databases, preparing quotes, accounts entry, and Ad hoc duties.

MYOB Exo Software Consultant- Technical Support consultant is one who has proven working experience with MYOB Exo Software and Microsoft SQL experience. The candidate is responsible for providing support to customers in installing, using and upgrading Exo software. The person is required to manage pre-sales activities, training, information gathering and documentations, form and report database through SQL queries.

How We Help

Being online assignments service provider, it is highly vital for students to maintain accuracy while attempting their MYOB Perdisco accounting assignment. However, students find it difficult to crack examinations due to low understanding of the concepts and lack of time in answering the questions. Solving MYOB Perdisco practice tests are difficult for students and so they are advised to hire experts for unique MYOB Perdisco assignment answers.

TutorVersal believes in increasing individual capabilities by assisting students with their homework. We have a dedicated team of experts who have expertise in providing quality MYOB assignment help in Melbourne, Sydney, and other locations within Australia and worldwide. Students may contact our online experts who are available 24/7 for guiding them on various coursework topics. They work on MYOB in real life and offer all kind of reports in MYOB along with delivering MYOB files based on the requirements of the assignment.

With features of delivering high-quality and plagiarism-free work at reasonable rates and in a timely-manner along with helping you achieve top grades, you can surely rely on us for your assignment. Get in touch with us today!

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