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Among the numerous offers that we have made available for you guys, the students; it is not possible for us to make the services even more convenient for you guys. It is the duty of this industry to be at the disposal of the students who need assignments!

After celebrating a decade of our services in this industry, we bring forth a flat 50% off on our essay help!

We have introduced a limited period discount on our essay help just because essays are one of the FAQs that are going to come your way throughout the year!


They say every penny saved is one earned. In lieu of the same, the above is going to be you at the end of the month. You are going to save so much that you might just be able to buy yourself a Lambo!

Since you are a human, you could wonder whether we would be able to suffice the discount with the same quality that is expected of us. Stay assured, for we do not compromise with quality. It is due to your love, support and you treating us primarily that we have been able to treat our PhD experts well due to that, we have introduced this discount for your sake! So, with the heaps of money you are going to save by the end of the month, you can now buy yourself much more than another drink on the bar this weekend!

Go, get wasted and we shall take care of the essays you are asked to submit within the week!

Our Experience with Essay Writing

Ever since TutorVersal came into existence, we have been handling essays with ease. With a complete and thorough understanding of how essays are supposed to be answered, we bring to the students the best of what we have got via our essays writing help.

Since we are all about providing the information before we charge for it, here is a quick classification tip of what categories you can categorise your essays in –

  1. Narrative Essay (storytelling)

  2. Expository (just the facts)

  3. Descriptive (painting a picture)

  4. Persuasive (debate and convince)

The first step our essay help providing experts believe to be deployed is to categorise your essay’s question, keep in mind the word count, take notes of the points you are going to make during your essay, emphasis on the framework of your essay. These shall be the basics of how your essay shall look like to the assessor. The essay help providing experts we possess say that it is extremely essential to know the reason why you are writing the essay. Be it an academical one or to be submitted for admission in a post-graduation course.

There are many tips you must keep on mind whenever you attempt an essay. The following tips are a must-read for anyone who is beginning to start his graduation journey or is already amidst the storm. You must go through them quickly so that you are Jason Derulo and not this kid when it comes to showing off your essay writing skills in front of your assessor! Come on! You possess better essay writing skills than the kid below!

Affordable Essay Writing Quality

To list down the elements that must be there in an essay, they are namely –

– Introduction

– Thesis

– Body

– Conclusion

The gifs shall give you the basic idea of how the elements need to be shaped for scoring the best out of your essay!

That is the most basic version to ever exist of an essay’s structure. There is thesis statement (part 1 and part 2), the outline, selection of topic, different stages of the body (5 paragraphs), tips to bridge all the gaps in the whole content via concluding at the end.

With so much information to give to you, it is quite an easy task for us to give away all the information we possess. The part that is difficult is to give out only that information that is important to you because not one part of the information we possess does not hold any value! Still, we try our best to give you the best of what you deserve at the best price! The offer we are running is to slash down the prices even further to give you the best of both; price and quality.

About Our Essay Writing Services

We really recommend our services to anyone who wishes to know how an essay is to be written, how to keep up with the marking rubric, how to point out hints in the question file that tells you what the assessor is poking for. To get to know about that, you could always call us for expert consultation. We do not discourage you to attempt an essay on your own. We even ask you to read the following blogs that would help you stay afloat and know the “know-how” on how to get the highest distinction for your essays! Give the following blogs a quick read –

If you are a nursing student, you must know how to go about a nursing essay for you are definitely going to receive quite a few of them. If you are given a topic related to nursing ethics you must know how to score well in a nursing ethics blog.

With a 100% plagiarism free Turnitin report attached with every delivered or to be delivered essay, well-researched background study going into the essays, anytime expert consultation (even a live one-on-one video chat).

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