Assignment Help In Motivation Theories

Assignment Help in Motivational Theories

Experts providing Assignment help have this opinion that, students often face the issue of preparing their assignments related to motivation in an organization for a sustainable organizational holding. In any kind of organization, human resource is the most precious resource which plays a crucial role in continuous growth and sustainable atmosphere if managed properly. Be it any organization several internal factors play crucial role in motivating the employees. HR managers plan and roll out several work plans to induce positivity towards organizational and the individuals’ behaviour. By engaging them in various motivating aspects of work culture and organizational objectives new directions are given to their daily routine and the future career as well.

There are several theories of motivation put forth by the experts. The different dimensions of theories of motivation encompass how,why,what questions and take a step towards a legible answer towards the theories. The whole process and its effect on the employee’s behaviour pattern is important to envisage in advance. This ensures the success of the whole activities and organizational goal inherently. Content theories and process theories are two distinct categories of motivational theories. Internal factors are included in the content theories. Some of the content theorists worth mentioning here are Herzberg, Maslow and McClelland. The mentioned theories tried to consider several internal factors in their motivation theories to emphasize internal factors’ importance.

On the contrary to the belief of needs behind motivation, process theories put forth some other aspects of employee motivation. A rational thought process along with cognitive intelligence form the basis of process theories. The theories encompass setting pragmatic goals personally and in a team, equity among groups and individuals and expectancy. It cannot be clearly or distinctly be comparable to the content theories. However both the theories have their significance in understanding and application in real work life.

If we briefly take a look at two factor theory of Herzberg, which depicts the importance of basic needs like hygiene, these are extrinsic factors, are closely related to intrinsic factors like motivation. Along with his team Herzberg collected data of a group of 250 employees. .It is considered as a replication of Maslow’s hierarchical concept however with a narrow scope. Nevertheless their work were the founding stone of other theories in human resource management.

The content and process theories may not be effective to be applied to work groups either in individually or only singly. It may become important to assess the situation and apply both of them in conjunction to other aspects of organizational management. There should be also defined outcomes to which real results may be compared. At times it may not be feasible to set goals for outcomes of the process. But keeping a realistic expectation can help in measuring and improving the process over time.

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