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Management is the art of forecasting, strategising, operating, commanding, coordinating and controlling the efforts to accomplish a target with the available resources. Students in Australia are required to submit various tasks during their overall course. Thesis, being one of the penultimate document, requires one to put forward a written document as a proof of personal research and findings for the degree. Inability to submit a professional draft may lead to an extension of the degree and could result in catastrophic effects on one’s academic career. Not anymore, with TutorVersal by your side.

Starting the thesis topics series with TutorVersal’s management assignment writing experts’ opinions, we have included Top 10 thesis topics that you can take inspiration from while writing your own dissertation.

Accounting For Infrastructure and Cost-Benefit Analysis in the Assessment of Major Projects

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Overview: Infrastructure is vital to improving Australia’s living standards and productivity, and accounting plays a key role in how we plan and pay for these projects. The Australian Infrastructure Audit has outlined a new, strategic approach to assessing our nation’s infrastructure needs and has highlighted that improvements are needed in infrastructure project appraisal, selection and reporting of cost/benefit analysis.

PMSEIC Working Group on Science and Technology-Led Innovation in Services for Australian Industries

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Overview: Australia can capitalise on the global services revolution through opportunities stimulated by science and technology-led services innovation.

The Effectiveness of Best Practice Management Guides for Improving Invasive Species Management: a Review

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Overview: Best Practice Management (BPM) guides are a key component of invasive species extension in Australia, and are becoming a more important way of reaching land managers with comprehensive invasive species management strategies.

Management of Issues in the Delivery of Airport Infrastructure within Western Australia:

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Overview: The objective of this paper is to present the identified underlying antecedents of problems unique to the procurement of airport infrastructure and recommend initiative for their management.

Cost and Benefit of Leaf Beetle Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program.

Overview: The Tasmanian leaf beetle Paropsisterna Bimaculata is a species native to Tasmania that can cause severe native to Tasmania that can cause severe defoliation of eucalypt plantations.

Human Resource Management: Theory and Practice 


Overview: The contemporary workplace is ever changing. In many countries, the effects of economic globalisation have seen the rise in zero- hour contracts, the erosion of trade union power and income inequality

Privatisation: An International Review of Performance


Overview: Late 1900 was a significant time of change for governments throughout the world. The major economic and social issues in many countries revolved around reforming organisations across the public sector.

Current Research in Risk-Aware Business Process Management – Overview, Comparison and Gap Analysis.


Overview: The management of risk in business processes has been a subject of active research in the past few years. Potentially, many benefits can be obtained by integrating the two traditionally separated fields of risk management and business process management, including minimising risks at the run.

Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS). Implementation in a Developing World Context

electronic document

Overview: This thesis topic presents a case study of back end information system implementation geared towards encouraging e-Government development in Botswana.

An Exploration into the Factors Driving Working Professionals Buying Small Cars

Not this small though!

small cars

Overview: One can also write on top markets around the world. For instance, India is the one of the top 15 largest passenger car markets globally and is expected to be among the top 10 markets by 2016. Post- liberalisation, many foreign manufacturers have set up their operations in the country.

Looks like we are at the end of this list. The aforementioned points are just for reference purpose and you can format your thesis around them. Also, stay tuned for more Thesis topics for Nursing, Economics, Law and more because there are all sorts of ammunitions in our arsenal, and all of them are at your disposal!


In case you need Management Thesis Assignment Help, feel free to contact us via call or mail and order your High Distinction custom-prepared thesis right away with TutorVersal!

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