Tips For Travelling In Australia On A Budget

Australia is a high wage country and travelling in Australia is costly and seen as an expensive holiday destination. However with our guide and tips you can find easy ways to enjoy travelling in Australia on a low budget.

How to reach?

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The cheapest time to fly to the ‘great southern land’ is from April to June. Air tickets are less expensive during mid weekdays. Jetstar, Virgin and Tiger Airways are cheap options for travelling around Australia. Also bus travelling is easier as local bus system is available everywhere. Deals on Carsales and Gumtree can be checked if you are planning to buy a car and sell it before you leave. Public transport is the best way to get around the cities in Australia. Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane have a well developed transport system with low prices.

Where to visit?

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Sydney is the most preferred destination and is most expensive as well. Coastal walk is an option from Bondi to Tamarama where you can find best beaches like Centinnial Park, Hyde Park, Sydney Botanical Graden, etc. While in Melbourne, Queen Victoria Market is good for shopping on a budget. The Great Barrier Reef is a must visit. There are many places travelers can visit in Australia for free or very nominal charges like Kuringai National Park, Hyde Park, Centennial Park, Sydney’s Botanical Gardens, Bondi Beach, Mardi Gras, Federation Walkway, Mardi Gras (Sydney), Luna Park (Sydney), Gold Coast Theme Parks, Byron Bay Lighthouse, Bus Depot Markets, Kingston, Canberra, City Ghost Tours, etc.

Best Accommodation

Rates of high standard hotels like Intercontinental, Marriott, Radisson are very high in Australia. So if you want to save money you will have to search out for alternative options. Camping is an option for travelers as cheap grounds are there for free. Camp on Cockatoo Island is a good option for view of Sydney Harbour. Travelers can stay at apartments as it gives a family atmosphere and is the best way to interact with local public. These options can be checked at websites like Stays for Deals and Home Away. Hotels like Best Western, Ibis and Travelodge are low priced and budget friendly.


Eating out at restaurants, pubs and bars increases budget of travelers. They should opt for grocery shopping where they can pick up a loaf of fresh bread, cheese, meat, etc for their morning meal. They can try on free water refills at a water fountain but they should never drink water from taps marked with ‘bore water’. Students staying in hostels in Australia can look out for cheap meal offers. Coupons and shopper dockets can be used which have offers on receipts issued along with purchases. Also hostels can be checked as they offer cheap meals and drinks. Delicious special meals can be enjoyed at Chinatown in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne at a low cost. Travellers can visit local markets where ready to eat food is easily available. Offering a tip to waiters/waitress is not necessary at hotels and bars in Australia. So tipping can be avoided.

Shopping in Australia on a budget

There are many shopping malls in Australia located near public transport and train lines. Watching movies on Tuesdays is cheaper as many big cinema chains have offers on Tuesdays. Essendon at South Wharf (Melbourne) and DFO outlet at Homebush (Sydney) have offers up to 60% discount on Aussie brands.

Sporting and Entertainment

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You should chose the activities that are worth enjoying. You can visit National Parks that have beautiful lookouts and offer unique experiences like Draintree National Park and Springbrok National Park. Many travelers visit Australia for doing sporting activities. Some of the sporting highlights are Rip Curl Pro, Annual Surf Carnival at Manly, Noosa Longboard Festival, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Horse Racing and Cricket. On weekend’s farmers market, arts and crafts stalls, country fairs can be visited for free entertainment and delicious local food. Australia has many city pubs and iconic outback where there is no entry fee. There are around more than 10,000 beaches over 50,000 kilometers of coastline where swimming, lazing on the sand and surfing is enjoyed by travelers.

Save phone charges

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In Australia you should never use your home mobile phone and sim card. After arriving in Australia you should buy a local sim card if you want to save yourself from paying high roaming charges. You can buy a monthly plan. Telstra SIM card gives the best mobile network coverage and has a good reception even in remote areas of Australia.

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If you will add up hotels, flights, meals and doing activities in Australia it will be a costly affair. But by following our tips you can easily lower your burden and stay on budget in Australia.

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